Massachusetts Is #1 State - But...

US News & World Report ranks Massachusetts as the top state in the USA (see the article here: Bay State's Schools, Healthcare & Economy Stand Out) which is wonderful validation for something we already knew. BTW, New Hampshire comes in second.

The article mentions a list of outstanding Massachusetts residents which include two women: Emily Dickinson and Edith Wharton (why do I think the article was written by a New Yorker?). Excellent choices, no doubt. They also included John Adams while forgetting to include the no less formidable Abigail Adams. This got me thinking about which other prominent Massachusetts women they might have mentioned.

I thought of Katherine Lee Bates (Katharine Lee Bates Wikipedia) who wrote the words to "America the Beautiful", Louisa May Alcott (Louisa May Alcott Wikipedia) who wrote "Little Women" and the remarkable New York transplant Isabella Stewart Gardner (Isabella Stewart Gardner Wikipedia).

Who would you suggest US News & World Report add to their list of female Massachusetts worthies?

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