Syndicates allow you to benefit from the connections and experience of an angel network even when you do not have the time to be a full-time angel. Let us expand on this.

As you can gather from the podcast, Sal Daher loves being an angel investor in Boston. The opportunity to collaborate with researchers, inventors, founders, angels, VCs, patent attorneys is unmatched anywhere else. The above graphic, with pictures of guests interviewed on the Angel Invest Boston Podcast, illustrates this point.

Angel investing is all about collaborating with a network of trusted colleagues to source potential deals, to perform due diligence on these deals, and to negotiate the terms. Once the investment is made, angels continue to work closely with their portfolio companies to help them get the resources needed to build products and the connections to find markets for these products. It is a delightful activity, however it is, by necessity, very time-consuming. Many sophisticated investors would like to access the opportunities present in seed-stage companies yet refrain from doing so due to the demands of time.

Our syndicates present an opportunity for busy individuals who are accredited investors to take stakes in startups alongside Sal Daher and his angel colleagues who are putting their own capital at risk. Syndicate members should always do their own due diligence and seek advice from their own investment advisors before investing. We do not offer investment advice.

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