Bryanne Leeming, "A Passion for Action 2"

Star founder Bryanne Leeming is back to update us on all the exciting stuff Unruly Studios has been doing. Amazon Alexa Accelerator, Inc. Magazine feature, adoption by the City of Somerville and more. Listen to this scrappy young founder who’s done a lot with very little.


Episode topics include:

  • What they learned at Amazon’s Alexa Accelerator that is run by Techstars.

  • How they came to be featured in Inc. Magazine.

  • UPS/Inc. Magazine Prize.

  • Amon Milner & crucial early pivot that really made Unruly Studios.

  • Dealing with rejection while fundraising or selling.

  • AT&T sponsored pilot turned into a live deal with the City of Somerville’s school system that has adopted Splats! 

  • The “STEM Toy Burn” and how to avoid it.

  • Find out about cool new things in the Unruly Studios product roadmap.